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Chest (of drawers) by Lucia Massari

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Chest (of drawers)


Chest of drawers


Lucia Massari


Zanotto Elia


I had two things in mind: One was an illustration I did.
Most of the times my objects come from my geometric and abstract illustrations, when I like them I want them to be something more than a piece of paper.
Two, chest in english means also the human upper part of the body, I like the fact that “chest of drawers” could also refer to a human with a chest full of drawers.
I wanted to work with Zanotto Elia as they are real perfectionists with wood.
I used their abilities and own techniques for texturising and colouring the wood.

Technical details


h164 x 80 x 64 cm


84 kg


wood and iron

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Chest (of drawers) Photo by Angus Mills Chest (of drawers) Photo by Angus Mills Chest (of drawers) Photo by Claudia Zalla Chest (of drawers) Photo by Claudia Zalla
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