The project, activated under the Martino Gamper’s direction on order of Confartigianato and CNA Vicenza under the project Valore Artigiano, was able to combine international designer’s creativity and venetian artisan’s work. A “report” about human and professional matters, about relationships and exchanges, which has created an original production of objects and accessories, unique or in a little series pieces, characterized by style and quality. FROM-TO was conceived not to be another “object exhibition”, but to give a meaning, commercial too, to the designers-artisan companies relationship, to the stories that tell thought and realization of a product and that every object hides.

Martino Gamper

FROM the designer TO the artisan, FROM the artisan TO the designer, FROM the Vicenza region TO the world, FROM the idea TO the making - all of these are journeys that require an exchange. This exchange of knowledge - the moment when the thinking informs the making and the making informs the thinking - was the starting point for this project.

The challenge was to combine the processes of thinking and making, rather than separate them. In order to address this challenge we asked a series of questions: how can 11 designers and 12 artisans work collectively on a project? How can both the designer and the artisan create products, objects, and situations that have a lasting impact beyond an exhibition? And how can a situation be developed that nurtures both the thinking and making processes during a time when the crafts are dying and bottegas (Italian artisan workshops) are closing? One could say one hand feeds the other - the hand that feeds the other is also the hand that creates and makes, and without this making and creating we will be surrounded by objects that don't have much to tell us.

This story is what interests me as a designer. It’s the little stories behind every object that reveal the thinking and the making of a product - these moments and details communicate that objects are more than just materials and shapes.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this project will evolve and ultimately how many designers will continue to work with artisans in the future.

Agostino Bonomo
Cinzia Fabris

The project “Valore Artigiano” (The Value of Crafts), a project sponsored by Confartigianato and CNA Vicenza – two associations representing 20,000 small businesses – has been developed following three main themes: Design, E-Commerce, 3D Printing. This project was launched in September 2013 with the support of the Veneto Region, the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza and of EBAV (Ente Bilaterale Artigianato Veneto). After a start-up phase including three workshops carried out on the three themes mentioned above, the project “Valore Artigiano” got to the heart of the activity involving businesses within the framework of events that we have called Workshops, a term that conveys the flavor of the productive activity of craftsmen, as well as the design that has to be carried out before production. This applies in particular to the Workshop on Design.

What happens when 12 craftsmen coming from different fields - stone, marble, mechanics, ceramics, glass, printing, wood - meet 12 international designers? What happens when the local manufacturing world meets global creativity? These questions stimulate curiosity and show that what is happening is something new, an experiment that may feature endless combinations and lead to different “outcomes”. The involved designers live in the major capitals of the world, are able to interpret the needs of the market, and have the creativity to imagine new products.

Craftsmen master the production techniques, love and care for details, know the characteristics of the materials. The ones need the others. This is the commitment of Confartigianato and CNA Vicenza: promoting a new way of expression of the local excellence, supporting and reinterpreting the craftsmanship that belongs to this territory, repositioning craftsmanship within the map of the value thanks to the design, connecting two substantially distant worlds to face together the international markets: FROM—TO...

Marco Bettiol
Luca De Pietro

An orange bus crossed the Venetian countryside. In the bus there was a crew of well-established international designer, coordinated by Martino Gamper, hungry not of Italian food but of the mastery of making things. The bus stopped in factories, workshops and private houses to meet local craftsmen and to get into the secrets of their trade. The designers asked a lot of questions, took pictures and notes. The craftsmen were agreeably surprised by the interest of the designers and they start to show all the details of their art. English has not been a barrier since the passion of both designers and craftsmen for the quality of making took over.

In those meetings, designers and craftsmen not only knew each other but understood their complementarity. They started to work, should to shoulder, on new promising projects. On the one side, global designers contributed with their creativity and capacity of anticipating users’ needs. On the other, local craftsman prototyped and helped the designer refine their projects with their profound expertise on materials and production processes. This collaboration was crucial for translating the first two-dimensional drawings into beautiful three-dimensional products.

The result of this collaboration is now under your eyes. Each product is the outcome of the journey that both designers and crafts did together. This is what we call the hidden side of design, an often overlooked process but fundamental for the overall quality of design process.

AUT + Chiara Onida

Bethan Wood

Fabien Cappello

Harry Thaler

Martino Gamper

MN*LS Navarro Slezak

Oscar Wanless - Silo


Victoria Wilmotte

Will Shannon

Celsan Renato

Vicenza stone

Since 1959, the company interprets and transforms the Vicenza stone in works of art, in which the creativity and ability of each single artisan determines the characteristic of uniqueness taking care of the finest details. Thanks to the technology, today the company is able to meet any need, whether it be classical or modern and to execute any ambitious project.

Via del Carpino Nero, 12
36050 Monteviale (VI)

tel: +39 0444 552898
& +39 0444 572545
fax: +39 0444 552853

Ceramiche Maroso


Since 1978 Ceramiche Maroso produces traditional ceramics that translate themselves in classical and modern objects: pieces of every forms and measures, included the production of objects for the table. The company is characterized by a continuous search of forms and ideas.

Via dell’Olmo, 49
36055 Nove (VI)

tel & fax: +39 0424590662

Crestani Ceramiche


Crestani Ceramiche is founded in 1977 by the inspiration and passion of Giannino and Donatella Crestani for top quality ceramics. Their creations trace out the manual skills and craftsmanship that find their roots in the renowned pottery tradition of Vicenza province, to create ceramic objects in classic, modern and contemporary style. They take care of each creation, realizing by hand every single decoration and making each of our piece a unique piece.

Via Prai, 15
36063 Marostica (VI)

tel: +39 042475995
fax: +39 042477557

FL srl


The company works with stone materials such as marble, granite, agglomerates of quartz, stone and slate. FL was founded in 1974 by Mario Frasson that with the wisdom and the accuracy of an ancient art has been able to grow the company in a constant development of quality and technology.

Via E. Negrin, 169
36043 Camisano (VI)

tel: +39 0444610887
fax: +39 0444410198



Idrosolutions is a company born from many years of experience gained in the sector of civil and industrial thermohydraulic and carpentry industrial metal. Driven by the passion of one of the two members for the interior design, the company has recently also facing to this world.

via Storti, 46
36076 Recoaro (VI)

tel/fax: +39 0445 75361

Linea Sette


Linea Sette was born in 1977 and offers since the beginning handmade items in porcelain stoneware made fully waterproof by firing at high temperature (1200° C). The engobe or slip coating consist of clay mixed with metal oxides, dyes and fluxes added to siliceous sands, resulting in artefacts with the characteristic dimpled effect. In Marostica’s workshop all the various stages in producing each single piece are followed personally by their creators from the design through to the finished product, thereby guaranteeing craftwork quality.

Via Luca Della Robbia, 2
36063 Marostica (VI)

tel: +39 0424 75487
fax: +39 0424 470369

Mandruzzato Marmi


Born from the passion of those who have extracted and selected the material directly in the quarry, the company operates in the field of marble, stone and granite for over 50 years, during which it acquired a great experience. It performs many processes and is able to carry out works of any architectural contexts, both in the field of construction that in furniture creating unique products. The craftsmanship is the fundamental rule of the final product.

Via Pigafetta, 3
36040 Grisignano di Zocco (VI)

tel: +39 0444414647
fax: +39 0444414694

Mobilificio Saretta


A company that has established itself in the furniture industry after working, long and solid, well over 40 years. It offers a wide range of wooden furniture, handcrafted using techniques and specific methodologies that guarantee quality and efficiency.

Via Chemin Palma 35/a
Casoni di Mussolente (VI)

tel: +39 3458327288

Myver di Pietro Viero


Myver is an artisan studio created by master glassblower Pietro Viero. Pietro works glassblown using a special technique known as “a lume”. His mission is to create very special and innovative objects, that bridge between traditional and contemporary craft, each striving to be clean, balanced and have almost noble simplicity.

via Roma 4/A
36060 Molvena (VI)

tel: and fax: +39 0424411846



For more than 25 years the company has created custom-made furniture. From prototyping to small niche productions, from shipbuilding projects to exclusive customizations. The skills and abilities of the personnel are further enhanced by the precious contribution of well-known architects and designers, with whom the company has cultivated close collaborations since it started out.

via Brenta, 10
36010 Carrè (VI)

tel: +39 0445314316
fax: +39 0445319756



The path of typography Unigraf began in 1973, since then the technologies of printing and advertising language are constantly processed to make proposals “tailored” to suit the customer’s needs. The company is able to offer custom work, thanks to the use of processing techniques most suitable.

Via Palladio, 80
36010 Zanè (VI)

tel: +39 0445 314130
fax: +39 042477557

Zanotto Elia


From the tree to the custom furniture. From the interior design to the creation of “biological furniture” with respect for nature and mankind. That’s Zanotto. The company was born in the 70ies from master craftsman Elia Zanotto. They create wood furniture, with precision and passion, for every part of the house with many possibilities for customization.

Via Cà Dolfin, 62/A
36027 Rosà (VI)

tel: +39 0424566744
fax: +39 0424566796

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